Joseph Baker Workman Trust AGM

Charlton residents are invited to attend the 129th Annual General Meeting of the Joseph Baker Workman Trust Charlton Old Schoolroom Trustees and Management Committee at 7:00pm on Tuesday 15th October 2019.


All residents over the age of 18 are welcome and eligible to stand for office and to vote at the meeting.


The Chairman is standing down this year and there will be an election for this vital role.


COSRA 100 Club September Winners

Friday 13th - Lucky for some!


Danielle Salmons £25

Sandy Pengelly    £15

Helen Fowler       £10


There are 3 numbers still available 48; 65; 81.  

Please contact Diane 860521 for details.


Next draw will be on 11th October




Tractors Driving Through the Village

Recently there has been much correspondence on various social media sites regarding tractors being driven through our village. In response, Roger Davies, Chair of Charlton Parish Council, and Sue Hiscocks from Charlton met with Matt Whiteman and Nick from Evesham Vale Growers. Evesham Vale Growers made it clear they wish to work with the communities within which they have farming activities and have agreed to advise their tractor drivers to drive at a maximum speed of 20mph limit through the built up part of our village, and this will be reduced down to 10mph where certain pinch points occur. The same limits will be applied to their tractor drivers moving through Fladbury and Cropthorne villages. They will also make sure their contractors are aware of these requirements. 


If any particular driver is seen to be not complying, or using their ‘phone while driving, then please let them know and they will take it up with them directly. If their tractor registration can be noted then they can easily identify who they need to speak to. 


To contact EVG please do this via email to:

Charlton (Merry Brook) Rapid Response Catchment Community Plan

West Mercia Local Relief Forum in conjunction with Charlton Community Flood Action Group, Charlton Parish Council, Worcestershire County Council, Wychavon District Council and the Environment Agency have published a Rapid Response Catchment Community Plan in the event of serious flooding of the Merry Brook. This document details the risk of a serious flooding event and the actions required in the event that such an incident occurs. You can view the plan document by clicking on the icon below:


2019.03.20 WMLRF Worc MA Charlton (Merry[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [664.5 KB]

Natural Flood Management Project

If you were unble to make the drop in meeting on 6th June but would still like to discuss any of thee matters in any way, please feel free to email:

Pictures of the leaky dams installed on the Merry Brook above the village

Placing the logs across the brook with the aid of a digger


The logs in place with the brash infill


Emerging Minerals Local Plan

As previously reported, Worcestershire County Council is preparing a new Minerals Local Plan. The Fourth Stage Consultation on a proposed new site selection methodology for a separate Mineral Site Allocations Development Plan Document took place from 17th December 2018 to 8th February 2019. 

A Response Document setting out the comments received and initial officer responses to them has been published and is available on the Worcestershire County Council website at:


If you click on “Download the response document”, you can view all responses received up to the close of the consultation on 8th February 2019, and also late responses received by 15th February 2019. Charlton Parish Council commented on 8 elements of the consultation document, and these can be viewed on pages 49, 107, 145, 149, 162, 194, 204 & 207.

Next steps – Minerals Local Plan 

Worcestershire County Council state that comments received have been considered and amendments will be made to the relevant documents as necessary. 

A Publication Version of the Minerals Local Plan will be considered by Worcestershire County Council's cabinet in June 2019 and Full Council in July 2019. If approved by Full Council, consultation under Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012) (as amended) will be undertaken in order to allow representations to be made under Regulation 20. This consultation is expected to take place during August and September 2019. 

The Minerals Local Plan will then be submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination. 

Next steps – Mineral Site Allocations Development Plan Document 

The site selection methodology, amended as necessary to address the issues raised in consultation comments, will be applied to all of the sites which have been proposed in response to the Second Stage Consultation on the Minerals Local Plan, the four subsequent calls for sites, and the additional site put forward in response to this consultation. 

The sites which have been proposed can be viewed on the interactive Mineral Sites DPD mapping tool on the Mineral Site Allocations DPD page at

Consultation on a draft of the Mineral Site Allocations Development Plan Document is expected to be undertaken in the second half of 2020. 



Rural Bus Services Scrutiny - Findings and Report

Following the withdrawal of many rural bus services across the county (which severely affects Charlton), Worcestershire County Council commissioned an enquiry. The following link will take you to a report on their findings:

Charlton Parish Council has responded to the recent call for comments on Worcestershire County Council's Passenger Transport Strategy document on behalf of village residents. You can view the Executive Summary for the current strategy document covering the period 2019 ~ 2030 and download the survey to submit your comments at:




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