Worcestershire Community Foundation (WCF) COVID-19 response - Financial Support for Charities, Voluntary Sector and other Worcestershire based organisations

The Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion, is keen to raise awareness of a Worcestershire based foundation that may benefit residents in local communities during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


You can download the full text of an email from Ellie Giles at West Mercia Police outlining eligibility criteria and details of the application process here:


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Police and Crime Commissioner calls for public to use common sense in open letter 

The Worcester News reports that West Mercia's Police and Crime Commissioner has released an open letter in which he calls on the public to be smart and continue to save lives during the Coronavirus crisis.


John Campion's open letter said: "I have seen communities come together over the last seven weeks and rise to the challenge of adapting their daily lives to meet the Government’s restrictions on our daily lives that have undoubtedly saved lives.


"I have been heartily warmed by stories of individuals and groups that have gone the extra mile to support the most vulnerable in our communities and each other."


Mr Campion said the public should use common sense to limit contact and stem a second peak of infection.


He added: "In an effort to get the economy moving and slowly return society to some sense of normality, the Government has started to set out the easing of some of the restrictions that were put into place in March.


"However, with our liberty comes responsibility. The message is clear in that we must continue to limit the amount of contact we have with others and maintain social distancing at all times.


"I know there will continue to be questions around what is and isn’t “allowed”, but we all have to play our part in using common sense and continuing to build on the results that our sacrifices have yielded so far, doing everything we can to stem a second peak of infection.


"I am reassured by West Mercia Police’s approach through this health emergency to date, engaging and supporting communities to do the right thing, with enforcement remaining the last resort.


"Their commitment and professionalism is a reminder of what is great about British policing."

Liz Eyre Update 7th May 2020.pdf
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Bulky Waste Collections Restarted

Evesham and Wychavon Councillor Mark Goodge has advised that bulky waste collections have now resumed. To book a collection visit:


where you can also find details of the types of items eligible for collection.

Police and Crime Commissioner's Newsletter

You can read the latest edition of John Campion's newsletter in full by clicking on this link:

The UK's Only Blossom Trail

During springtime, The Vale of Evesham, famous for its production of some of the finest apples, plums and pears in the country, becomes a picturesque display of colour. For a few short weeks between mid-March and mid-May, when the blossom is at its best, the Vale plays host to a range of different activities for all ‘budding’ horticulturalists.

The Blossom Trail is a popular attraction for visitors and locals alike, and with such a variety of fruit trees growing in one area, it is one not to be missed.

You can walk, cycle, or get a coach tour around The Blossom Trail, following the prominent yellow and black signs. If you choose to explore by coach, your tour guide will keep you informed about all the wonders of The Vale. These tours usually take place in April.

For more information, a copy of the trail and weekly updates on the blossom click here.


I've driven around the route and the yellow and black AA signs generally work OK, however, they don't always give adequate warning of an upcoming turn, and can sometimes be confused with the many signs pointing to new housing developments, also yellow and black. The only problem I found was at the top of Greenhill in Evesham where the B4184 meets the A44 at the roundabout, where was no sign advising you to turn left towards Fladbury.


Greetings Cards for Sale






Greetings cards showing historical images of Charlton Manor in the 17th and 18th centuries available from Charlton Church at only 50p each, complete with envelopes. Printed from original images produced by Pat Heslop and Elaine Hawley


#MORSE is a new initiative to make roads safer throughout West Mercia launched in September, focusing on individuals who are repeatedly committing driving offences, as well as those who are at risk of offending. 

#MORSE is a partnership between West Mercia Police, Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue, Shropshire Fire and Rescue and the WWMCRC to provide tailored support to address the root causes of dangerous driving. It aims to target all types of driving offences including speeding, driving under the influence of drink or drugs and careless driving. 

#MORSE is delivered by a team of five YSS key workers and is funded by West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion.


Operation SNAP

As part of Operation Snap, members of the public can report and submit (via a secure online formExternal Link) digital footage showing potential traffic offences. This can range from driving dangerously or carelessly to overtaking on solid white lines, using a mobile phone while driving, ignoring traffic lights or dangerous driving around other road users, such as horse riders and cyclists.


Your submission will be sent to West Mercia Police where the evidence will be reviewed by one of our road traffic police officers.


Due to the large volume of submissions received each week, we are unable to update each submitter regarding the outcome of their allegation. However, all submissions are dealt with pro-actively to help reduce risk taking and poor driving on our counties roads.


Any footage submitted through the portal can be used by us to help educate other road users and to advise on case results.


For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions section or email



Tractors Driving Through the Village

Recently there has been much correspondence on various social media sites regarding tractors being driven through our village. In response, Roger Davies, Chair of Charlton Parish Council, and Sue Hiscocks from Charlton met with Matt Whiteman and Nick from Evesham Vale Growers. Evesham Vale Growers made it clear they wish to work with the communities within which they have farming activities and have agreed to advise their tractor drivers to drive at a maximum speed of 20mph limit through the built up part of our village, and this will be reduced down to 10mph where certain pinch points occur. The same limits will be applied to their tractor drivers moving through Fladbury and Cropthorne villages. They will also make sure their contractors are aware of these requirements. 


If any particular driver is seen to be not complying, or using their ‘phone while driving, then please let them know and they will take it up with them directly. If their tractor registration can be noted then they can easily identify who they need to speak to. 


To contact EVG please do this via email to:


Charlton (Merry Brook) Rapid Response Catchment Community Plan

West Mercia Local Relief Forum in conjunction with Charlton Community Flood Action Group, Charlton Parish Council, Worcestershire County Council, Wychavon District Council and the Environment Agency have published a Rapid Response Catchment Community Plan in the event of serious flooding of the Merry Brook. This document details the risk of a serious flooding event and the actions required in the event that such an incident occurs. You can view the plan document by clicking on the icon below:


2019.03.20 WMLRF Worc MA Charlton (Merry[...]
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Natural Flood Management Project

If you were unble to make the drop in meeting on 6th June but would still like to discuss any of thee matters in any way, please feel free to email:

Pictures of the leaky dams installed on the Merry Brook above the village

Placing the logs across the brook with the aid of a digger


The logs in place with the brash infill


Rural Bus Services Scrutiny - Findings and Report

Following the withdrawal of many rural bus services across the county (which severely affects Charlton), Worcestershire County Council commissioned an enquiry. The following link will take you to a report on their findings:

Charlton Parish Council has responded to the recent call for comments on Worcestershire County Council's Passenger Transport Strategy document on behalf of village residents.




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