Events in Charlton Village



Monday 20th January at 8:30am in Charlton Church - Start the Week with Prayer


Saturday 25th January from 11:00am ~ 3:00pm in the Old Schoolroom - Open day to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the opening of Charlton Old Schoolroom in 1880. There will be an illustrated exhibition of the history of the village from prehistoric times to the present day. This event will also provide an opportunity for villagers to see the improvements to the Old Schoolroom building over the last two years and to see the plans for the future. Tea and cakes will be on offer and everyone is welcome. See poster below for full details


Tuesday 28th January at 2:30pm in Ryden Lane - Library Van


Every Monday in Charlton Old Schoolroom at 6:00pm - Pilates


Every Tuesday in Cropthorne and Charlton Village Hall from 9:30am ~ 12:00 noon - Library


Every Thursday in Charlton Old Schoolroom at 10:00am - Baby and Toddler Group


Third Friday of every month in Charlton Old Schoolroom from 2:30pm until 4:00pm - Charlton Chattery - a social gathering for tea and chat. All welcome. Contact Helen Fowler (860331) for details


Fourth Tuesday of every month in Ryden Lane at 2:30pm - Library Van

Special Events

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