Flooding in and Around Charlton

Charlton (Merry Brook) Rapid Response Catchment Community Plan

West Mercia Local Relief Forum in conjunction with Charlton Community Flood Action Group, Charlton Parish Council, Worcestershire County Council, Wychavon District Council and the Environment Agency have published a Rapid Response Catchment Community Plan in the event of serious flooding of the Merry Brook. This document details the risk of a serious flooding event and the actions required in the event that such an incident occurs. You can view the plan document by clicking on the icon below:

2019.03.20 WMLRF Worc MA Charlton (Merry[...]
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Natural Flood Management Project

The Merry Brook Natural Flood Management Project is a Worcestershire County Council project, run in partnership with the Environment Agency, to slow down the flow of water in the Merry Brook following periods of heavy rain, and thus to prevent any flash flooding occurring in the village centre.


The scheme involves positioning Ash logs across the brook prior to brash being placed in the gaps in order to create "leaky dams". Although these logs are quite heavy, and some 3 metres in length, they still need to be pinned in place to prevent movement resulting from flood water flow. 


Phases 1, 2 & 3 have now been completed, resulting in the installation of some 30 “leaky dams”. Work is just starting on phase 4. We will update you on progress during the coming weeks.

Pictures of some of the leaky dams installed on the Merry Brook above the Village












Placing logs across the brook with the aid of a digger







One of the dams showing logs in place with brash infill to slow the water flow







Multiple dams in place along the brook



















Fast flowing water approaching a leaky dam















Multiple leaky dams holding back the flow of water in the Merry Brook following heavy rain on 3rd and 4th October 2020
















Water spilling out into the surrounding fields instead of pouring down into the centre of the village 

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