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Charlton Parish Council

Charlton Parish Council is an elected corporate body in the first tier of local government.  Higher tiers, known as principal authorities (such as Wychavon District Council and Worcestershire County Council), have many legal duties to deliver services such as education, housing, town and country planning, environmental health, social services, policing etc.


While parish councils do have some legal powers, they have far fewer duties than principal authorities and greater freedom to choose what they do in the interests of improving the local environment and quality of life in the community.  However, they do play an important part in representing the interests of the communities they serve, for example by influencing decision makers in the principal authorities, and in delivering services to meet local needs. It is a legal requirement for parish councils to be consulted in planning matters.


As well as managing the land and assets which it owns or is responsible for, Charlton Parish Council makes representation in matters concerning planning, traffic and highways, community safety, footpaths etc.  The Council also maintains close contact with, and supports where appropriate and possible, a wide range of organisations within the community.


Charlton Parish Council meets in the Old Schoolroom in Ryden Lane on the second Thursday of odd months at 7:30pm.


The Notice of Meetings and Agenda are displayed on the Parish Council notice board on the bus shelter wall, three clear days before the meeting.


Members of the public and press are invited to attend, but may not take part in the Council meeting unless invited to do so. An adjournment of the Council meeting is made to enable members of the public to speak, for which there is a written procedure.





Dates of forthcoming meetings (all at 7:30pm via ZOOM conference call until advised otherwise):


Thursday 11th March 2021

Thursday 13th May 2021 (Annual Parish Council Meeeting)


2021 Annual Parish Meeting - date TBA


Anyone wishing to take part in the meeting on 11th March should contact the Parish Council Clerk to obtain ZOOM dial-in details


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